Friday, June 09, 2006

bye old trusty

i kinda got a kick out of not being totally reached by cellphone. with my old trusty cellphone, i could text. and i could receive text. but i could not get calls. i could not hear who was calling me. and that lasted for a hilarious two months.

for some warped reason, i was not bothered by it. in fact, i loved the flexibility and the liberty it provided me. sort of like having a perfect reason not to talk to someone you don't really feel like talking to. but without feeling guilty. or not giving in to the usual urge of calling someone for something not really that important or urgent. fine! fine! i admit there were times it got frustrating when i really had to make a call and i couldn't. and i imagine it was just as bad for those who tried to reach me. well, well, despite that, it was still pretty much a liberating experience. and it was fun in a twisted sort of way while it lasted.

my birthday was coming up in 3 weeks and i thought it would be good time to replace my 5-year old trusty. but my husband was probably as frustrated as the rest and couldn't wait a day longer. so yes! last night, he surprised me with a new one. he knew i wanted a very simple cellphone. no camera with it. no infrared. no internet access. no other fancy accessories or applications. in short, something that can text and call, and receive texts and calls. and that's exactly what he got for me. i'm happy with it for many reasons.

it's so light and small and compact. it's no-nonsense and sturdy. its touchpads are nice and soft to my fingertips. it even doubles as a flashlight as a bonus feature which is quite useful. and guess what? it's even burglar-proof. it's too cheap for anyone to want to steal it.


Blogger mama_aly said...

Yipeeeee! I can now call and get an immediate reaction from you when I get excited!

Friday, 09 June, 2006  

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