Tuesday, June 07, 2005

chicks boy roque

roque is my 3 year old son.
yesterday, i took him to kinder care, his pre-school, for his first day in school. he was in the toddler class last year. this year, they moved him up to junior nursery. he was excited to be with his toddler classmates again. but the school directress decided to put him in another class with the older kids.
while waiting for him to settle in with his new classmates, a couple of mothers came in with their kids, who were toddler classmates of roque, rachelle & maia.
rachelle's mom: hey, it's roque! will he be rachelle's classmate again?
teacher charlane: no, he'll be with teacher irene this year.
rachelle's mom: ah, shucks! rachelle will miss him. she calls him "my roque."
maia's mom: how about maia? will she be classmates with roque?
teacher charlane: no, maia and rachelle will be classmates.
maia's mom: hay sayang, maia likes roque a lot. she always wants to play with him.
roque's real cute... of course, that's what i think... of course, i may be biased.
he's real super friendly. so i can see why the girls like him.
he also says "hi" to the moms when they come to fetch his classmates. so i can see why the moms know him and like him, too.
hmmm... he's starting young. i think he's a natural.
daddy gary certainly didn't have a hand in this.


Blogger mama_aly said...

are you sure about daddy garry?

Tuesday, 07 June, 2005  

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