Tuesday, June 27, 2006

sunday revelations

for more than week, my 11-year old daughter arianna was eagerly awaiting the showing of the disney movie "high school musicale". she even made sure that we did not have any family activity planned that sunday night so she will not miss it on tv.

i overheard my husband ask her "why, what's that movie all about?"
and she said "it's about this athlete boy and this intellectual girl and how they audition for the school musicale."
i but in, "i bet it's a love story."
she smiles excitedly, "yes."
to that, i see my husband shake his head,
and could hear his mental "tsk...tsk...oh no..."

i watched the movie with her and watched her watch it giddy with excitement. it was the usual boy meets girl teenage movie. wholesome and exciting in a puppylove sort of way. my 4 year-old son roque was also in the room, watching and playing at the same time. i didn't think he was paying attention to the movie, until it came to the part when the boy waits to meet the girl in his special hideaway place.
i was tucking in roque then, when he mutters a matter of factly, "that boy's in love."
i could not believe my ears, "what did you say?"
he repeats emphatically, "I SAID, that boy is IN LOVE!"
"how do you know?"
he says, "mom, there's the girl, you know!"
as he exasperatedly covers his face with his blanket,
i could hear his mental "duh, mom!!"

boy oh boy, what revelations i got that night. first, that arianna is slowly getting into that interesting stage. and second, that roque seems to understand something about that stage already.

and third, i don't think i'm quite ready for that yet.


Blogger mama_aly said...

and then of course there's "little manhattan" which is quite the same. we have the dvd. they watched it over and over and over and over ...

Wednesday, 28 June, 2006  

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