Tuesday, May 15, 2007

the nachos story

we decided to go to a nearby cafe for lunch after a little shopping at a weekend market. they had a shortlist menu serving pasta, sandwiches and pastries besides coffee and soda.

roque wanted nachos with melted cheese. i actually wanted him to eat something more substantial than that. i browsed through the menu, secretly hoping there would be none of what he wanted. there were two kinds of nachos, one with beef on it, and the other was vegetarian. great, i thought.

me: "you have to get something else, roque. they don't serve nachos with melted cheese."

roque: "aowww, i want nachos with melted cheese. just ask."
me: "no, there's none. look at the menu. see? they don't have that here."
roque: "but i want it. just ask. please just ask!"
me: "no! it's not in the menu nga. see? how about fish and chips? don't be difficult, please."
roque: "aowww, mom, just ask!"

in the meantime, the lady was done taking down the orders of everyone else and then turned to us, "so what will this handsome little boy have?"

me: "well, he wants nachos with just melted cheese but you don't have it, so....."
lady: "oh certainly, we can make that for him! no problem."
roque: "see?!!!!"

aowwww.... ok, ok..... you win. stubborn? assertive? i guess i should be pleased that my handsome little boy thinks of the box. thanks to progressive schooling.


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