Thursday, June 23, 2005

spots and dots

the other day, i was happily welcomed home by a usual kiss from my son roque, followed by his now famous line "spots and dots" each time he kisses me... that's his way of acknowledging my freckle-face. where he got that line from, i don't really know. i must admit i didn't like it at first but now i find it kinda cute and all too endearing. it's sort of his pet name for me.
well aside from that welcome kiss, he quickly showed me an abrasion on his left elbow and said, "george pushed me and i fell on the ground like this" simultaneously re-enacting the scene that happened in school that morning. loly darle then relates to me that he's been re-enacting that scene the whole day, probably 20 plus times already, and maybe even adding more to the original injury... oh well. i asked him if he cried when he fell and he said, "yes" with a pout on his face. i asked him if he pushed george back and i was relieved he said, "no." i told him that was very good because i didn't think george pushed or hurt him on purpose. i kissed his elbow just like i kiss any part that hurt him. and he said "spots and dots."
yesterday, i was off from work in the morning and i was able to fetch roque from his school. i waited just outside his open classroom but stayed out of sight till dismissal time. just a couple of minutes had passed when i heard a very famous cry. "waaah! waaaah! teacher, he pushed my tummy with the book, waah, waaaaah!" that was roque of course. i peeped and saw him sitting on the floor, his attacker (carl), returning the weapon (book) into the cubbyhole. and once again, "waaaaah, i want my mommy!" i was a bit upset that he cried because of what seemed to be an unintentional attack, but at the same time, felt happy that he called for me... :) after a few minutes, class was dismissed and he was still being pacified by teacher charlane. i go and show myself and watch his crying face turn into a surprised face. he probably figured " wow, ask, and you shall receive." then he related to me what happened, of course, blowing everything out of proportion. he showed me his tummy so i could assess the extent of his injury. i tell him it looks fine and that i'm sure carl didn't mean to hurt him. i bent to kiss his tummy and he says with a giggle, tickled with my kiss, "spots and dots."


Blogger mama_aly said...

i love the drama he creates
some kids can get away with it
some kids can't
roque can because he's cute
he's cute because i'm his ninang

maybe i should get him a pen
and teach him how to do
connect the dots --- joke

Thursday, 23 June, 2005  

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