Sunday, July 10, 2005

cannot sleep

it is almost 2 am. i cannot sleep. i see my kids and my hubby, peacefully dreaming. yet i cannot get myself to join them.

the events of the week swirling through and filling my mind. turmoil in our country. dishonesty, disrespect, discontent, and dismay. what is to happen? what should we do?

are there slivers of integrity... strips of honor... streaks of hope... left?

other thoughts filter in. ask, pray. lift up, pray. trust, pray. claim, pray. in his time.

i look at my kids and my hubby, still peacefully dreaming. i should be thankful for this peace despite. praise and thanks be to him for this peace.

i finally lay my head. no need to count sheep as i focus on the shepherd. now i can join their peaceful dreaming.