Wednesday, July 27, 2005

now i get him

over the weekend, i attended a recollection which reinforced some basic beliefs, introduced new teachings, and provoked me to answer questions.
who am i? it started. i am what i do... i am what other people say i am... i am what i have. i struggle to answer that and realize i didn't know how to. but it continues. the answer is none of the above. it reinforces. a beloved daughter of god is who i am. and this is the basic truth. this i usually forget, being caught in the day to day activities and list of things to do, and even in the long-range planning of dreams i hope to fulfill.
a month ago, my brother and his wife, who are both very prayerful, took a big step as they left for the states. he related to me their experience when they arrived in the airport. they were so anxious about their luggage that was lost as it didn't arrive with them. to make matters worse, the airport official was very rude and quite hostile. his wife was in tears out of angst, anger, stress and self-pity all rolled into one. calmly he told his wife, don't worry, "alam natin kung sino tayo."
why am i sometimes anxious, disheartened, unhappy? because i forget the basic truth. i forget who i am as i have little gods. and little gods crowd my heart and my soul.


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