Tuesday, September 06, 2005

worlds apart but

my girl and my boy
six and a half years apart
just like day and night.

she reserved, pensive
he gregarious and friendly
just like black and white.

she is the artist
he is the budding sportsman
just like sun and rain.

she keeps her feelings
he will shout with much passion
just like walk and run.

she looks after him
he looks up to her like wow
these spices of my life.

though such worlds apart
much loving fondness i see
two ends connecting.

with much affection
different but so entwined
like peas in a pod.


Blogger a_happy_little_girl said...

Its me and roque!!! hmm... what am i balck or white? sun or rain? i already know im walk... i like to walk... but i also like to run... so what am i?!?!?! Ü

Sunday, 11 September, 2005  

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