Tuesday, February 28, 2006

happy mail

gosh, i have not received this much mail... not since i started getting connected to classmates of way back when. just a couple of days not opening my mailbox, and i'm in the red. full to the limit. some messages even bouncing.

i did not realize how exciting it is to connect, reminisce, and update each other, from different parts of the world, after almost twenty five years. i have forgotten how much fun it was back then, when things were simple. when we just had to go to school to study and learn and cultivate friendships. and how much more enjoyable it is now to relive these memories and re-establish these friendships. it is amazing how some could remember minute details of past events, as if they had just happened yesterday. so vividly, in full living color. some of which are embarrassing, outrageous, unbelievable, hilarious. i find myself almost falling off my seat in front of the computer, laughing my heart out. and then my daughter goes, "what's so funny, mom?" and i can't stop laughing like how i did way back then.

each day i look forward to opening my mailbox, lest my server warns me i'm in the red again. most of all i look forward to opening my mailbox to be reminded of happy memories which never fail to make me smile. and most often bring out a hearty laugh from within me.


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