Wednesday, January 11, 2006


thoughts of my high school classmates come to my mind now, just a few days before our class reunion. for the past couple of years, some of my classmates have organized mini get-togethers and got some fundraising activities going in preparation for our 25th year this coming 2007. an e-group has been set-up to facilitate communications among us and it has been quite a delight reading about what has been going on with each other here and abroad. this year, being our 24th year since our graduation, our forthcoming reunion was dubbed "after 24 years... batch '82 celebrates 24K style". and the e-mail announcement continues, "attire: white, accessories: gold".

i almost fell off my seat as i read my e-mail. it sure made me feel like a golden girl. ohmigosh! i never thought i would have to wear something like that to the reunion. that is really sooo dated... as in, do we really have to rub it in, girls? no doubt it will soon segue to class rehearsals for our grand 2007 production number which definitely will include song and dance numbers of our circa, the marvelous 80s. i can imagine it all now. i hear our heart thumping music. i see us wearing the costumes and dancing the groovy steps...

that's my mind racing fast-forward. stop. for now, i am really excited to see my classmates. the headcount is amazing and it just proves everyone is excited to see everyone else. considering it has been more than two decades, i look forward to lots of catching up on each others' lives. i expect there will be plenty of shrieks and squeals of laughter as we see how we have changed, and as we reminisce about our past experiences. it should be loads and loads of fun. so i refuse to be the corny one. of course, i will wear the required white attire and the gold accessories to match. we certainly have all gotten older but getting together again will certainly take us back in time, to enjoy ourselves while we feel as young, maybe even as immature, and as carefree as we were then.


Blogger mama_aly said...

hehe didn't get the connection of the get up to the theme. I had to read it several times... 24k.. 24k.. twenty four thousand?... gold?... karats pala. I think I'm getting slow... my age is showing.

Saturday, 14 January, 2006  

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