Saturday, January 07, 2006

river and life

you never run the same river twice.

the other day, my husband i went on our first adventure for year 2006. quite early yes, but we just had to do it. so off we went with a few of our good friends with the same adventurous souls as ours, up north where we went white water rafting along the chico river.

there we met anton, who has made a lifestyle change, to move to the
bundoks, to do what he enjoys doing and share this passion with others. this he does while providing livelihood to the natives and shaping the way they care for our environment. this he has been doing for the past seven years.

through our brief two-day encounter with anton, we learned much about the river for the very first time, how it behaves and how we should behave in response to it. we rafted through areas of quiet waters where we just relaxed, sat back and enjoyed its sheer calmness. we also rafted through little ripples into which we jumped from out of the raft, laid back and swam with the flow down river. and then we rafted through areas of strong rapids where we paddled forward with excitement and as much strength as we could muster. our adrenalin levels shot up as the river dangerously lifted our raft up and tilted it sideways, taunting us to keep ourselves within the raft until we have passed through the challenging rapids successfully and rafted back into calm waters. in a way, it is a microcosm of life. the path from up river to down river is a series of quiet waters, gentle ripples and rough rapids. we were taught to run the river with understanding, with care, with respect, and with love for what it gives us. just as how we should live life.

the constantly changing environment affects how the river behaves so it is never the same. and thus, you never run the same river twice. there is no set formula how to run its path. like life, there is no set formula how to live it. it is the same life through the years but the experiences through the years are never the same. it is the greatest adventure of all.


Blogger barbiegirl said...

wow, tita melissa! i'm so inggit! going white water rafting was something my friends and i never got to do despite our promises to anton to return to tuguegarao. speaking of... don't you think he's like a huge teddy bear... with a beer belly? hahaha!

yes, i'm back! :)

Friday, 20 January, 2006  
Anonymous rafting cagayan de oro said...

Definitely is like a river. life sometimes go on ripples and sometimes on rapids. even though how difficult it is,we still survive in it. thanks for this uplifting post ^_^. more power.

Thursday, 22 July, 2010  

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