Sunday, May 11, 2008

lavender mat

i read a feature at the lifestyle section of the newspaper about a special mother-and-child yoga session for mother's day. and so i thought, what an interesting way to celebrate the mother's day weekend doing that with my daughter. i was not sure if she would agree but thankfully, she was game.

but wait, i didn't even have a yoga mat. so i go texting a couple of my yoga-fanatic friends who have been forever encouraging me to try yoga. and they were only to happy to tell me where to get one... a nice and reasonably-priced one. in no time, i was off to the mall, checked out three shops before finally being satisfied with a nike mat, lavender on the top side, purple on the bottom... good grip, with down-the-middle stitching to make sure one's body is aligned well, comfy, with a tielock-cum-carrystrap. i didn't really know what qualities to look for but what the heck, it looked nice enough. and the clincher, it was on sale! that cool-looking lavender mat screamed it was meant to be.

about 15 or so mother-and-child teams showed up for the special lesson. for beginners like myself and arianna, it was a pretty good experience. aside from learning the different poses, we also learned we lacked flexibility. ooh... the hamstrings, and the gastrocs, and the lower back stretches... ooh! we could not do the partner poses all that well, almost falling as we desperately tried to get up from the mat, with our backs against each other... we just couldn't - i guess our butts were too heavy! and again, we failed to put our legs up to form an inverted-V while facing each other, arms clasped, trying to balance on our butts. despite all these, the experience was enjoyable. it was worth the excitement of trying out something new together. and the giggling and secret laughs we exchanged between us. it was a unique and happy mother's day celebration on our nice, comfy lavender mat.


Blogger lidsÜ said...

wow! just read this! hmmm... yoga is great! did it for a couple of weeks straight! i'll start again next week, crossing my fingers... but it's a great experience... really calming. positivity!

babanam kevalam (love is all there is) :: a very good mantra for yoga!

Thursday, 05 June, 2008  
Blogger freckle-face said...

you can say that again! super... i've been yoga-ing since that baptism of fire on mother's day... twice a week! yep, so right about calming... and yep, positivity too... especially when unexpected stresses come along ;) you know what i mean.

Thursday, 05 June, 2008  
Blogger lidsÜ said...

lol. sure do... got balita! talk to you soon! ♥hugs!

Friday, 13 June, 2008  
Anonymous Jane said...

Woohoo to a new yogini! Glad to have you on board, Melissa. We now have even more common things to chat about.

Now that you're into yoga, do drop by my yoga blog once in a while. I cover all things yoga in Pinas. Hope you continue enjoying your yoga journey.

The Yogini from Manila



Tuesday, 17 June, 2008  
Blogger freckle-face said...

woohoo! yep... i hope it will be a very loooong journey! will drop by your yogini site.

Tuesday, 17 June, 2008  

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