Tuesday, September 27, 2005

body parts

roque has been coming home from school, where he is in junior nursery, surprising me with his knowledge of body parts. mind you, they were not the regular body parts like eyes, nose, ears, hand, foot...

last monday,
roque: pupil! the tiny spot in the middle of my eye, mom. and eyeball! the white part.
me: wow, did dad teach you that?
roque: no, teacher irene teach me.
then tuesday,
roque: eardrum! it's inside my ear (digging his pointer into his ear). and earwax! the sticky part from the ear, yucky! wax is spelled w-a-x!
me: that's right! but well, earwax is not really a body part. but yes, it comes from the body. and yes, you're correct, it's yucky too.
roque: my earlobe! see this one? (pinching his earlobe and mine)
me: yes, i can see yours, but not mine, honey. ouchy. that's very good.
then wednesday,
roque: tastebuds! sugar is sweet. bitter is coffee.
me: wow! what about anghang?
roque: huh?
roque: nostril! the holes of my nose. (poking his thumb and pointer into each of his nose holes)
me: ok enough of that, honey. i know exactly which they are. (i'm glad teacher didn't teach him what was inside or he might have dug deeper.. oh gosh!)
and friday,
roque: o-vala, mom. (opening his mouth real wide)
me: it's uvula, not o-vala.
roque: teacher said it's o-vala!!
me: i'm sure, she made a mistake.
roque: no, teacher saaaaaid! o-vala as in oval! (of course, teacher is never wrong)
me: no, it starts with a "u", not an "o".
roque: u-vula?
me: yes, correct! you can tell teacher i said it's uvula, and not o-vala, ok?
roque: ok. (in resignation)
me: now, tell teacher what's this muscle? (pointing to my popeye muscle)
roque: biceps!
me: good job!

i'm proud he was able to memorize and retain all these terms. but i sure hope he won't grow up to be a doctor.


Blogger nitz said...

Sorry, but Roque is making a statement at this early point in his life.I think he needs encouragement. Good work,Roque!

Thursday, 29 September, 2005  

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