Wednesday, November 02, 2005

haaay halloween

halloween has a way of reminding us how old we are and how grown our kids have become. this halloween in particular did that to me.
every single year since arianna was born, i excitedly created a costume for her. i challenged myself to create whatever caught her fancy... clown, pumpkin, blue of blues clues, little mermaid, powerpuff bubbles, angel, lilo of lilo and stitch, roller blader, black cat...

this year she's ten years old, and wanted to be a gypsy. so dress up she did. i didn't really have to create anything this time. she borrowed a colorful bandana from loly darle, a white peasant blouse from me, a long tiered skirt from loly darle, huge silver hoop earrings, bead necklaces, and bangles. gosh, she looked grown up already.
look at herself in the mirror she did until she was happy with her outfit. around the neighborhood, she went trick or treating with her friends. still enjoying this tradition, eating chocolate, lollipop, candy or gum. still quite a kid. but very very soon, not quite.


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