Sunday, September 03, 2006

worth in our unworthiness

what makes us worthy,
of being known from conception
of being watched over throughout our lives
of being found without even searching
of being led by the hand pruned, then strengthened
of being prepared in spirit then called by name?

what makes us worthy,
of brothers and sisters who care
enough to rejoice with us in our own triumphs
enough to cry with us when we feel blue
enough to uplift us when we feel insecure
enough to pray with us to calm our fears?

what makes us worthy,
of the many blessings which come our way
much more than we can ever imagine

of a love so great and so overwhelming
so unselfish and liberating, ever so present
even if at times we forget or even take for granted?

what makes us worthy,
of still being called
despite all our excess baggage
despite our imperfections and shortcomings
despite our many fears and doubts
despite our unfaithfulness with our faith?

if only we could stop asking, what makes us worthy
if only we could let go
and stop relying on ourselves
if with humility, trust in him to lead us further on
if with gratitude, hear and respond to his call
then maybe we will also see the worth which he sees
in our feeling of unworthiness.


Blogger mama_aly said...

he doesn't see us as unworthy. he sees us as the work of his hands --- to behold, to be proud of, to love.

he calls. answer and receive the grace.

Sunday, 03 September, 2006  
Anonymous jun said...

my first comment...

am a regular of the Mama_Aly BlogRing and I don't know why I seemed to have missed your blog...

To make up for my oversight.. I've added your link to my blogroll.

And by the way...You are right. His love makes worthy.

Wednesday, 06 September, 2006  
Blogger freckle-face said...

thanks... i hope you'll find my jots worth reading... :)

Wednesday, 06 September, 2006  

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