Tuesday, July 08, 2008

on the move

In celebration of National Disability Prevention & Rehabilitation Week

we are on the move
with renewed energy
with greater sense of purpose
inspired by patients we have helped
driven by our youthful spirit.

we are on the move
in appreciation of all those working
not only to add years to life
but also of those striving
to add life to years.

it is about the people who treat-
rehab doctors and therapists
armed with technical skills and knowledge
aspiring to achieve what they were made for.

it is about the people we treat
who are motivated and guided
led by our hand to move with us
then empowered to move without us.

it is about their hands
which try to grasp and manipulate
equipment, tools and toys.
every movement is a step closer
to independence.

it is about our hands, both gentle and firm
through which our Creator works.
we move together
towards their dreams
which have become our own.

when disability strikes, a challenge is given.
it may strengthen or weaken the patients' will.
disability will not overcome them
unless they give up.
we have to make sure they don't.