Sunday, April 23, 2006

diamond earring

i am coming as a diamond earring. because i know i am precious in god's eyes. as the diamond is multifaceted, i am a multi-tasker. just like this diamond has a tiny bubble, i am imperfect. these facets in my life are the many roles that i play and the many dreams that i have in this world. all these tug at me and pull me in many directions day to day. are some of them excess baggage, which slow me down in my spiritual life journey? should i in fact give up? will doing so take away my existential ache? will giving up make it all simple and make me focus on my inner core?

i realize that everything that i am now is not from my own doing. indeed, god created me and blessed me with whatever i have. he granted me with opportunities to serve different people in various capacities. he has prepared me and led me to where i am now. nothing is circumstantial. nothing is mine, except the responsibility to persevere and make good of what he has already granted me.

the grace to see through the clutter creates such an impact on me. it is amazingly overhwelming. it allows me to release my baggage of unmet expectations or fear of dreams unfulfilled. it helps me to peacefully live in the situation i am in, to find beauty in the present. it reminds me to trust that a joy-filled future is not entirely in my hands.

i come out still as a diamond earring. still multi-faceted, still imperfect. but now with the light of lights shining on it. a diamond is nothing in darkness. a diamond needs light for it to sparkle. even with its imperfections, its many facets could possibly multiply this light a hundred-fold, casting its glow serenely on others.

thank you dear god, my light of lights, for confirming that i can do all things with you who strengthen me.

Monday, April 17, 2006

to arianna

i gave birth to you early easter monday morning eleven years ago.
now i see you grow and i watch you with anticipation, with fear, with hope.
i pray that you will,
always be childlike
continue to ask questions
accept your weaknesses
realize your strengths and potentials
strive to be the best that you can ever be
be inspired to make a difference
never lose touch with family
never be wanting of real friends
find everlasting love and true happiness
be humbled and thankful for all your blessings
multiply your blessings by sharing them with others
happy birthday to you,
my dearest arianna.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

easter song

we had some relatives from abroad whom we have not seen for ages, over for easter lunch today. it was a welcome reunion particularly with two elderly aunts whom we saw a lot of when we lived in philly. after eight years, they have gotten visibly older and quite frail-looking though still pretty much independent in their 70s.

we gathered around to pray before the meal.
arianna, read a short blessing from the box of card prayers as she usually does when we have guests over. father of love, send your grace upon us that we may have joy in each other; and having lived together in love here on earth, we may live forever with you in your eternal kingdom.
tita cora followed, praying in thanksgiving. thank you dear god for the gift of bringing us together after so many years, for the gift of family relationships which is forever, for the gift of love for each other, for the gift of health, and for the gift of easter, which is hope.

immediately after that, before everyone could head for the buffet, came a little voice, "my turn!" it sounded excited. it sounded eager. without any prodding, it was roque. and just like how he does it when we pray before meals as a nuclear family, he clasped his hands, closed his eyes tight, and sang his prayer. put your hands together we will pray, close your eyes. god is great and god is good. let us thank him for our food. and to that, everyone answered in unison. amen!

his unexpected prayer came at the perfect time as if on cue. it was just so apt, for it was certainly a prayer said before meals. it was refreshing because it came from a child who took the initiative to pray out loud, breaking into song, infront of many. it is true as most truths are brought forth with spontaneity. for indeed, god is great, and he is good. and singing this is like praying and praising him double.

Monday, April 10, 2006

what gives?

what does this really mean? roque, once again, amazes me with his new one-liner, "what gives?"

because he is able to use it in different situations he is in, i am able to get what he means...

the computer won't play his cd and he says, "what gives?"
i laugh at something and he says, "what gives, mom?"

we're stuck in traffic for a long time and he says, "what gives?"

each time, he says this together with upward rolling of his eyeballs and bringing his hands palms up to shoulder level.

so i guess it means "why?... "what's the reason for this or that?"

oh well, after so many times he's delivered that line, i can finally answer him, "because!"

just to pick his brain the way he picks mine.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

vowel prayers

a - you are the almighty god
- you are emmanuel
- i believe in you
o - you are the omega, the beginning, and the end
- u love us very much

My Vowel Prayers
Arianna, 10

Faith Factor Summer Camp